All C&C Mailbox products include FREE GROUND SHIPPING to the 50 United States and Canada.

Sorry, at this time we unable to ship to noncontiguaus United States territories, or intemational

destinations other than Canada.

Order Turnaround

Most oi our most popular items are in stock and ready For immediate shipment. Some custom orders

and options will require additional time. Therelore, we ask that you allow up to i-2 weeks For the

completion and shipment at your order. You will receive natilication when your order ships. ll you

require luster turnaround or expedited shipping, please contact us at l-833-330-U48 or e-mail


Returns and Exchanges

Due to the custom nature of our products, al sdes are find. However, we stand by the quality and

workmanship oi our products. It you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, or it it does not

meet your expectations, please contact us immediately at l~O”~830-6148 tar a prompt resolution.

Lifetime Guarantee

C&C Mailbox Products are guaranteed For lile against Fading, peeling and rotting. ll you experience

any of these issues, please contact us immediately at I-“Q-U30-fill-8 lor repair or replacement.

Replacement Components

While our maintenance-lree vinyl products are extremely durable, accidents can happen. Fortunately,

replacement components are available for all ol our products. Please contact us lor more iniormation on

your specific needs, and applicable replacement costs.

Custom Orders

As the manufacturer, we are able to labricate our products to your enact specifications. ll one at our

products could better suit your needs, please contact us for a custom quote at at l-G88-830-6| ll or

email inlotficcmailboxescom

Assembly & Installation

C&C Mailbox products are designed to be easy to use and install. Minor assembly is required tor

most items. Most products are designed to install over a 4"x4' wood post. Please install solely and

contact your local utilities belore digging. It you require any assembly assistance, please contact us at

l-"Ir-U30-bill or e-mail ccmailboxes@gmail.com

Product Descriptions and Changes

Due to continued relinement and improvement ol our products, we reserve the right to modily,

discontinue or change our product speciliOOllOI\S at any time. All measurements are approximate.

Photographs are for illustrative purposes only.

Mailboxes Are Not Included

Mailaoxes are not included with any C&C Mailaox products. Why? Due to the added cost and weight

ol shipping a relatively inexpensive item, we lound that most oi our customers preler to purchase their

mailboxes locally. However, over the years we have lound that tan mailboxes are somewhat dillicult to

lind. ll you are interested in purchasing a tan mailbox to match your C&C Mailbox product, please give

us a call as we do keep a small supply on-hand tor our customers.